About Us

Grimes Utilities, Inc. utilizes our collective strength as a team to provide our community with our competitive business advantages and opportunities to better serve the public.

Our team works together to operate safely, effectively and efficiently. Grimes Utilities, Inc. makes every effort to be a great asset to our community as a very well respected and experienced Certified Underground Utility Contractor and Certified General Contractor. Our team offers decades of experience that can deliver top quality results while being challenged with the most difficult of projects. Within our organization safety is our first priority. Grimes Utilities, Inc. exhibits safe work practices to improve work site conditions and to eliminate potential safety concerns. Our field and office staff are dedicated to our Safety-First motto by utilizing our Site Safety Operations Manual and Job Site Safety & Health Manual as well as keeping all employees up-to-date with safety certifications. We attribute our success of the company to the integrity to our people who do their job well. Our team has a sense of family among the company, which provides better safety, accountability, and quality throughout every project.

Grimes Utilities, Inc. upholds a high standard of job site safety and performance. Our field employees have the OSHA and FDOT training and/or certifications required to perform their job specific task. Several of our field employees are certified in the JEA Site Safety Orientation and Supervisory course. As a certified Utility Contractor and General Contractor, Grimes Utilities, Inc. will always strive to establish and maintain the highest quality of work that is above standard.

We are licensed and insured, as well as apart of NUCA North Florida Chapter.

  • Underground Utility License CUCA50629
  • General Contractor License CGC1518790
  • Class V Fire Contractor License 089682-0001-2008